Ladies I don’t Care about your weight

I promise those are not my feet, purple nails is how i roll! And talking of rolls…. I just wanted to tell you why I don’t care about your weight! Yep honest I don’t give a monkeys about how much the scales say you weigh! Here’s why…. I don’t care about your weight ! I’m […]

What you need for fat loss -PART 2

So if you read Part 1 of this series you will see I talked about being in a calorie deficit. Taking in less calories than you consume is the number 1 law when it comes fat loss. However I think this is even more important to you reaching your goals. Ready to find out more? […]

3 ways your nearest & dearest sabotage your weight loss!!!

You know how it goes…. It’s 2pm and it’s been a long day. You hit the gym this morning and you have eaten really well, your nutrition has been on point all week. Lunch was a nutritious meal full of veg and protein. You have been smashing it. Then Ethel (Sorry Ethel’s) from account’s announces […]

3 things you must have for weight loss part 1

3 Things you MUST have for fat loss Part 1 22/5/2016 0 COMMENTS Ladies I know you love a list, I do too. It helps me organise my teeny weeny man brain. So I wanted to give you a few big rocks that I think will focus your mind on losing fat ┬áthe right way. […]