How to K.I.S.S. Your diet and make it easy to lose weight

When your confused by calories & macros and it feels like none its making sense then here’s the one simple way to make it simple.You see K.I.S.S. Means keep it simple Sally.So I’m about to show to make this diet thing really simple for you.Ask yourself these questions around meal times to help you get […]

The Best Fat loss Exercise EVER!

WHAT’S THE BEST EXERCISE FOR FAT LOSS?​HIITP90XBoxingRunningLifting Weights​Calories Matter for weight loss – Always The list goes on and on.As a coach with 10 years of helping men and women get into great shapeI get asked this question a lot. Like EVERYDAY!I get it, you are bombarded with the latest ‘science’ on fat loss daily,“Do […]

The big diet book secret

What do these books all have in common?Young looking, fit bodied celebs  all trying to convince you that their diet plan is best. I’m gonna let you into a little secret that ties all of these together. ​The secret that diet industry tries to keep covered up. A skeleton in the closet that I personally think […]

6 reasons why tracking your calories isn’t working for you

​Shelly from Finance: Greg counting calories is obsessive for fat loss…Greggles: So understanding how much energy you are consuming which will help you lose weight is a bad thing?We have to be real here.You eat too much, we all do.The average Brit underestimates their calorie intake by 50%For Shelly from finance who needs 1200 calories […]

5 reasons you aren’t toned and what to do about it….

Greggles I want to get thatlean athletic like (Insert Celebrity/Athletic).You have been trying to get that super lean lookbut it never seems to work!I can explain why:You’re still lifting light weightsA quick biology lesson for you as you get fitter and strongeryour muscles are adapting to what you expose them to.If you’re still lifting light […]