What do to when you lose your fitness Mojo…

I was doing so well but then holiday,kids,life event happened…So how do you get your mojo back?Well funny enough, whenever someone loses their motivation it normally is because of this…”I was training consistently I was doing this , I was doing that”It was all Perfect…I want to be Perfect again….but I can’t!!!!! So I will do […]

The no 1. Fat burning exercise ever

Every day I get askedGreg – what’s the best fat burning exercise.I’ll tell you what, get 10 Personal Trainers in a room and I’m sure you will get something like this.SquatsKettlebell SwingsSprintingOr something similar.But It’s none of those and It’s definitely not something most people will tell you.So shall I Tell you what it really […]

How to fix your Slow metabolism….

​YOU ARE’NT THE SPRING CHICKEN YOU USED TO BE….There seem to be lumps and bumps that weren’t there beforeYour dress doesn’t fit like it used to a few years ago. All of a sudden you feel a little sluggish. Then your mother in law utters those words ” your getting old, your putting on weight. Trying […]

Where your stripes with Pride

If there is one thing I here with any of the hundreds of women I have worked with  over the years. It’s this  Greg I hate my Stretch Marks Want to know what a Man thinks of them ?

5 Fat loss tips you can use NOW

No fluff, just what it says on the Tin get reading Get 10,000 Steps a day. More if possible. Activity that isn’t structured exercise is called NEAT ( Non Exercise Thermogenesis) is responsible for the other 23 hours outside of the gym  It works about 80% of your daily calorie burn.  So the more Walking […]