5 Fat loss tips you can use NOW

No fluff, just what it says on the Tin get reading Get 10,000 Steps a day. More if possible. Activity that isn’t structured exercise is called NEAT ( Non Exercise Thermogenesis) is responsible for the other 23 hours outside of the gym  It works about 80% of your daily calorie burn.  So the more Walking […]

Three Easy Steps to fixing your diet

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Bread is not the devil

Bread it’s still not the devil =================== I still get questions about bread So before you start banning turkey sandwiches. Here’s what you need to know. Your average slice of white bread is About 94 calories. If you weigh in at 154 lbs Thats around 11stones So calorie needs are around 1540 cals. Your two […]

What every woman forgets about when trying to lose weight

Workout Gear – check Gym –  Check  New fat burning program- check Special Protein Powder – Check  Above is probably all of the things you focus on when trying to get in shape. You see the list above is all of the things you associate with getting fit. However there is something in your bedroom […]

Scales are'nt everything

5 things you should focus on instead of scales

The sad step
Harbinger of doom
Naughty step

Aka the scales.

You see i'm on a mission to help ladies get off the scale and focus on the things they need to, that get you the results you want.

Here are 5 areas you should focus on that will get you closer to your body confident goals.

1. How much did you train last week?

Training frequency is pretty important in getting results. Ensuring you are getting regular training will also get your body progressing but ensure that you learn the exercises well enough to perform them properly.

Skill is just as important as effort.

Exercise regularly


2.Did you eat protein with Every meal?

Protein is under rated in the nutrition world.
Getting protein in at every meal is how you ensure you get enough of this vital nutrient and stay full so you don't eat more than you need to.

Pretty essential for  your fat loss. In fact I use protein as the basis for every meal.

Quick tip : Remember to focus on lean meats & fish. Vegetarian then Tofu, Seitan, quinoa , quorn , peas and lentils are your go to sources.

protein fitness


3.Did you get 7-8 hours sleep?

Getting  up in the morning feeling refreshed is likely to support a productive week and keep your nutrition on track.

Sleep has big part to play in your fat loss results.

Turn off the Ipad about an hour before bed and read a book in low light to help you get shut eye.


lifting4.How much did you lift?

Weight lifting won't turn you green and full of muscle.

Using strength training in your fat loss battle is pretty important to your goals.

Knowing how much you lift helps you track your performance and plan your training.

It's pretty important. So track your progress in the gym.

5.Track your body composition

The sad step(scales) is not the ''controller'' of your life.

It is part of a bigger picture.

You should use measurements of chest/back , stomach & waist and review your progress.

Remember muscle is more dense that fat so it takes up less space.

So you will notice changes in your measurements and clothes to help you track your progress.


6. One more!

Take photos! Seriously I coach a lot of ladies who complain about scale weight not moving but when you look at their pictures you can MASSIVE changes.

Use these along side your measurements to see true progress.

Take them from the side, back and front in the same lighting.

Oh and if you hate seeing your pictures here's a suggestion.

Learn to love your body.

That body gets you up daily,fixes you when you break , allows you to hug your family & friends.

Appreciate it you are just trying to make it better.

It will love you back.

Coach Greg

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