Female Weight Loss & Group Exercise in Harrow

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Women's Weight Loss in Harrow

Ladies - it's time for a change!

You don't recognise yourself in mirror anymore?

Are you tired all the time and low on energy?

Have you tried all the latest 'celeb' diets?

Lost a few pounds and then regained even more?

Do you want to be fitter, healthier and happier inside and out?

Do you have no idea what foods to eat and how often?

Are you squeezing into your clothes and slowly creeping up the size charts?

Are you ready for a long-term, sustainable answer to all these problems?

Everybody is so supportive and welcoming its such a great class. The changes that I'm seeing are fantastic and I'm feeling really good - Sarah B, Pinner

What We Offer:

I would like to nominate Greg Fearon as Instructor of the Year. I have never met an instructor with so much genuine enthusiasm and dedication in getting the best out of everyone in his class. - Carole, Harrow

Will it Work For Me?

A valid question and one that we get asked all the time. If you live close to or can get to Rayners Lane, want to finally learn to exercise for results, can train 3 times a week early in the morning, have a can do attitude, crave sustainable results and can you work as part of a team then Project Fit personal training in Harrow can work for you. See what some of our clients have said!

Rosie has lost loads of weight and has recently completed a Tough Mudder - an 11 mile obstacle course!

Sarah dropped her Zumba Class, she joined Project Fit and takes part in Boxercise and Kettlercise sessions with Greg - look what happened!

Danni shifted weight from her mid-section in just 6 weeks with the right nutrition plan and the right training.